Friday, February 27, 2009

Five Favorite Places to Eat

Since I mentioned that Boloco was one of our five favorite places to eat up here, it begs the question, what are the other four? Now keep in mind, we are not high end, fine diners. We are looking for something comfortable, reasonably priced, and healthy. We don't want big dishes of all you can eat processed and greasy fried food, and we like kid friendly environments. Most of all, we want tasty food that we feel good about eating.

With this in mind, I would say the list would be as such, not in order, of course:

1. Boloco-killer burritos, all natural meat and tofu, very tasty, comfortable kid friendly digs. Hip and friendly.

2. Stella's in Hartland-a gem and blessing to the town of Hartland. John cooks killer local food, all natural with healthy vegan dishes and fresh fruits and veggies, many of which are locally grown. Also plays great music, a lot of the Dead, serves a mean burger from local beef and a killer veggie burger. Also one of the few places around where you can find a falafel.

3. Jesse's-we never eat the steak, though it's a steakhouse. We like it because it has a great salad bar and when you do order meat, you can sub steamed broccoli for the starch. Very kid friendly and the staff are top notch. A nice place for a special occasion.

4. Tip-Top Cafe-Great local food in an artsy and hip environment. Food is very creative and very tasty, and though there is a certain elegance to it, it's very kid friendly.

5. Lou's-needs no introduction. Greatest staff on earth, killer food, not neccessarily the healthiest, but just a fantastic place to eat. Mark, the manager, and Brian are just great guys.

Just a quick note-Boloco's scores high on the K&A scale of legtimacy because they serve true vegan burritos, and we've run into K&A eating there. Enough said.

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