Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Going to the Source and My First Blender

I had a minor dilemma and it seems like it just might resolve itself, but required a bit of assertiveness, if not being a complete nuisance, to move in that direction. The story boils down to this-I needed some new contact lenses because I've been wearing the current pair for quite some time. They are sleep in lenses, but I only wear them for sports like skiing and karate, so end up using them for much longer than I'm supposed to. I think it boils down to overall time being used, which isn't much. Anyway, I need new lenses, but can't get them until I get a new prescription, which won't be for a couple of months. Not a big deal, I wear glasses about 90% of the time, but like having the contacts on hand.

I contacted the optometrist about possible remedies, and experienced something that's pretty common for me. Basically, I got five different stories from four different people. It seems like unless you talk to the person in charge, nobody really knows what they're talking about, and often are just giving you a story to get you out of their lives. While I completely understand this, it doesn't help my situation. Finally, I contacted my optometrist directly, who happens to be a great guy on many levels, and he said we could work something out. The bottom line-when you need something, don't settle for some BS unless it comes straight from the source. Find out for yourself what the true story is, because in the end, nobody knows nothing, but wants you to think they do. All too often we just blindly accept what we're told when in fact doing as such is a disservice to ourselves and perhaps our family.

Granted, sometimes you'll be a pain in the ass, but for me, what else is new?

On a another note, I got my first blender. Ruth had one but it's packed away somewhere in the basement, and when I went to pay my respects to my uncle, I sort of inherited it. Without getting too much into it, my trip down there was interesting, to say the least. There is such a soap opera going on on this side of the family, i.e., the "Lee Men," that I won't go into it out of respect for my cousins. Whatever be the case, I came home with my first blender, and I have to confess, it's pretty nice. We're into the smoothie gig (great way to eat the frozen berries we have stored) and last night for our vegan dinner we had pesto. In the past, I chopped the basil by hand and then tried blending it with a hand blender with mixed results-it came out find, just not beautifully smooth. This time around, it was awesome, and the kids loved it and gobbled the stuff up. We used whole wheat pasta, of course.

AND, the best part was, they helped make it and got a huge kick out of using the blender. How can you beat that?

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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