Monday, February 9, 2009

The Weekend and Back to Eating Veggies

We've reached a point where when we fall off the veggie wagon, it bums us out. Even the kids are aware of when we're not eating enough fruit and veggies. Either way, we're back to vegan cooking, and it makes us feel a whole lot better. It's interesting because growing up like most of us do, it's hard to imagine cutting meat out of your diet, it's such a staple of our diets, but it's all about creating habits and setting precedents. The kids eat a lot of vegetables because it's just what we do, and they don't feel like they're missing out because it's just not a regular part of our lives, keeping mind that we are not completely vegan, and feel the kids in particular need some meat in their lives. Not to mention junk food and TV (movies only!) now and then.

I guess in the end we worried about the two of them accepting our new direction, but so far it's been pretty smooth. It just goes to show you that if you put a little time, effort and creativity into eating healthy, it can work out in the end. Mom and Dad have to be in on the effort, as well, and you have to sprinkle in a little unhealthy indulgence now and then, because anything in the extreme takes the fun out of it.

This past weekend we managed to miss out on all the things we wanted to do, mainly the town events like the Winter Fest and the magic show. Bummer, but we were busy. We had out weekly trip to the Howe library to feed our minds, and then we skied up a storm. I won't carry on about how far the kids have come, but even my wife has been able to polish up her skiing and consequently is really enjoying it. We are on the verge of being a skiing family, and boy does it feel good. Unfortunately, XC skiing has fallen by the wayside a bit, but we'll get back into it soon enough, especially with the Tiki Trek weekend coming up.

One thing that really struck me about skiing is the intense, competitive nature of it for so many of the kids. Racing is big up here, and you see these kids in their gear racing and competing, and it all seems a bit much to me. I have to confess to having a bit of skepticism to the whole competitive nature of our world and the need to establish a hierarchy and for there to be winners and losers for there to be meaning in things. I fully accept that people can be competitive by nature, but for me, it often takes the fun out of things. Then again, for a lot of people, it is what gives their lives meaning, and you can't pass judgement on that.

We have a show at the LOH this week, and we're thinking of trying to actually ski a new hill, the Dartmouth Skiway. Never been there, but the kids are hungry for new adventures, so we'll see where this one leads us.

BTW, we hadn't heard from C in days, a week even, and I think A was getting bummed out. Sometimes it seems like feast of famine, we go for days of hanging with her, and then we don't hear from her for long stretches. Maybe it's not a bad thing to take a little step back, and I know she is really busy with school/hockey/skiing and all that good stuff. And the it's not as if A had called her, either. Either way, we finally heard from her and I think it made A really happy. Hopefully they'll have a chance to get together this week. We shall see.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.


The Book Chook said...

I'm with you Fred, on competition. I think competition run rampant has caused many ills in our society. But I love where you said the kids are looking for adventure. Seems like they don't need competition to be challenged!

phredude said...

Hi Susan, I can see some merit to competition, and maybe it's inherent in human nature with evolution et al, but it sure seems out of control at times. Yet another example of the problems that come about when parents are too involved and overbearing. Thanks for stopping by.