Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friends and a Break From the Slopes

We haven't seen or heard from CB in days, and hope she's well. We still have her birthday present and may very well make contact today, but you never know. School starts tomorrow. I bailed out on Gary, I feel bad, not that he missed me, but we were stuck in Hanover and we don't have access to a phone, so I couldn't call him. Excuses, excuses. I have to call him to day to apologize.

We finally hooked up with A&T and their kids at one of our favorite locales, the Howe Library. I love that place. I was thinking A was mad at me because we kind of both dropped the ball on contact, so she was pissed that I hadn't called and expressed her anger by not calling. Such a vicious circle.

It was a nice reunion, however, and the kids had a blast together, like they always do. My understanding is that they were there all day, so it must have been brutal for them, but that's not our business. Now that we've reconnected, it feels much better and I have a feeling that we'll be more in touch.

We're supposed to get socked with snow today, and we've decided to take a couple of days off from skiing because we've been going like crazy for the past week. In fact, we've skied for six days straight, and could have easily made it eight, but at some point it's good to have some down time. So we'll relax and look forward to maybe skiing at the Skiway mid-week or at the very least, at the Quechee Hill on Friday. Hopefully we'll get loads of snow in the meantime.

I'm still scrambling to find helmets that fit properly. The ones they have are too big and look it, and have to confess to being a little self-conscious amongst the crowds, not that they care, nor should I. But, it's a good time to get equipment because the season is winding down and places are unloading gear. So, for the next season, we need to get A bigger skis, maybe 140-50s, some new poles, and helmets that fit. We have about nine months, so hopefully something will come up. I know a bunch of ski sales happen in the fall, so we'll keep our eyes open.

Also, have to keep in mind, propane, firewood, and homeschool administration. Don't want to screw that one up again.

Until then, thanks for reading.


The Book Chook said...

I am just in awe that your kids have become such good skiers and that you guys get to just go out nearby your home and ski! The kids must be so fit from this sport - much better than running around a gymnasium!

phredude said...

Hi Susan, Living in Vermont, there's no excuse not to ski because not only is it convenient, but it's affordable. In terms of fitness, you really can't beat XC skiing, and as you've alluded to, there's nothing like fresh air and the great outdoors, not that gymnasiums aren't fun, as well. Thanks for stopping by and hope all is well with you.