Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Golden Moments in Lieu of Being an A-hole

So I lost it a little yesterday and felt a little like a dick, but not completely, and even in lieu of making a bit of an ass of myself, good fortune shined us.

We got A some clip on sunglasses for her glasses, and she loves them. Of course, curious as usual, N wanted to play with them and lost them, and I got a little peeved. I told him that he had to find them and he couldn't go outside to play until he did, and of course it upset him and I felt like an A-hole. I relented and told him not to be sad, and they had a good time with C, but I still wanted to find those darn glasses. Later on, N came to me and together we retraced his steps, and he found them. I still felt like an ass, but we shared a good vibe.

Later that night, I got held up a bit at karate class and wasn't able to be there when they tucked into bed. When I got home, I rushed upstairs and half the team was already out, but N had held on and wanted to stay awake to see me before he drifted off. He was a little irked at my tardiness, but I got to hear his story for the evening before he went to sleep, and was grateful for that. It's these golden moments that make parenting glorious, and I can't fathom how some people miss out on so much of their children's lives, by their own volition, mind you. There are times when things can't be helped, but for many of us, they are the result of the choices we make yet have the option not to make them.

Then again, what hell do I know? Not much, by the last count. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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