Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Writing For Nothing and Some New Developments

As part of my glorious freelance writing career, I have volunteered to help out a non-profit group that is working to create schools in Kenya. I may have mentioned them before, and I just spoke with the creator about what he's looking for, so at the very least, I'll get to write for a good cause. The site is run with WordPress, which I believe is actually a blogging program, the knowledge of which is considered a desirable by some potential employers, as I've seen in the classifieds, so maybe it's a good time to learn a new trick.

Also found out that I may know someone who writes for a local newspaper, so I may have an "in" with a publication. Then again, I've also found that these connections rarely, if ever, amount to much, but I'm not deterred.

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The Book Chook said...

I will be very interested to hear what you think of Word Press as a blogging platform. I like the look of their blogs. But it's such a big move!