Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Drama In Our Lives

We had a little drama (or rather, an opportunity for me to make drama) with the car the other day... on our way to drama, no less. Just as we were about to leave for class, the front tire was flat. What a bummer. The front driver side and back passenger side tires have leaking problems, and I continually fill them with air. It's easy enough, but requires stopping at the local gas station, one of the few that has free air, and filling up. I attributed it to leaky valve stems. It's never deflated completely to the point where I can't drive it, until now. I was planning on having the tires plugged up but of course put it off until who knows when.

Worst of all, we had to leave. Well, in a stroke of good fortune, I actually have, if you can believe this one, an air compressor. It's part of the jump box we have, and though it's slow as molasses, it works. I was able to fill the tire enough to get over to the gas station and fill up. Then, we made it to drama class, dropped A off, then headed over to Tip Top Tire, where they took us in on the spot and fixed the problem. It turns out that it was the valve stems. Replaced.

Relieved, N and I had time to hit the bowling alley, bowl two games, do the arcade, then pick up A at drama class.

We also met another home school family that is in the class, and we exchanged contact information because the girl is about A's age. And she's a skier.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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