Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pottery Playdate, Slacking on This Blog and Aspiring Novelist

We had a surprise playdate with our pottery crew because the K&J had plans for the next two weeks for A&D, so I got an email the day before informing me that they would be there. No problem, our mornings are flexible, it's our afternoons that are crazy. So we we went and hung out, and had a blast, as usual. It's funny because the kids seem almost ambivalent about the pottery. Don't get me wrong, they love working with the clay, it's just at some point they start to lose focus and become silly. It's fun for them, and with snacks and beverages, their day is complete.

It's the dads who get into their clay projects and enjoy the chat time. Have we become suburban housewives, or what? K is an artist and a craftsman, and you can really see it in his work, he doesn't mess around. Whereas I sit there and make little knick-knacky things, he makes real, functional pieces of work. Pretty cool, makes me feel a little inadequate... sort of.

I've also been busy earning peanuts with my paid gigs, so have been neglecting this blog. Sorry to the millions of readers who wait with bated breath each day for a new entry. I'll get my act together. In my defense, I've had to assume my place in the queue to use my own computer. Our daughter has become a budding novelist and now monopolizes my laptop. Between her composition and N's educational learning games, where do I fit in? Oh well, the life of a parent.

It's cute, though, listening and watching A. She really gets into it, and puts a lot of thought into her writing. In fact, we were walking the other day and she said she hopes to one day write a novel, how cool is that? We may need to get another computer, but one thing at a time.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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