Thursday, February 11, 2010


As I've mentioned before, the kids are taking drama classes at the local theater troupe, and so far they've loved it. A&N have a flair for drama, something R will tell you they've inherited from be because I tend to become dramatic about everything, but what do you expect? I'm from L.A. Either way, the stage seems like a nice outlet, and A loves performing, at least on guitar. Then again, it's different when you have an instrument to keep you company, or even hide behind. When you're acting onstage, it's just and the audience.

We knew the local theater offered drama classes, and even had a friend who had taken them, but he's an uber thespian who is destined for greatness. How would our kids respond. The theater is the real deal, they put on plays and use local talent, even kids, so there is potential for real deal acting. We asked the kids if they were interested in continuing, and they responded with a resounding Yes!

The question then becomes, do we maintain the status quo, or attempt to move forward. The classes can either be just for fun, or you can use them to prepare for a life on the big stage. In other words, after moving on from the fun/play classes, they offer actual acting classes that allow the kids to hone in their dramatic abilities. We personally think the kids benefit from some challenge, but also want them to have fun.

For N, I think serious acting classes are a year or two off, but for A, she could get a lot out of it. The original plan was she would take the prerequisite fun class, then start taking technique classes, whether or not she wants to actually act, which I believe she does. The reason I began to question what seemed like a natural progression was because one of the moms said her daughter wanted to do the same but the teacher seemed to indicate that they might want to consider repeating the fun class until the student was ready.

Well, I wasn't sure what to make of this, but suddenly I was filled with doubt. Was A ready to move forward, or should she stay back. I posed the question to her teacher, and she responded with an emphatic "Yes!" She said A was ready to move forward, and even though she loved having her in the fun class and would miss her, she really felt she was ready to learn some technique.

Say no more. We will ask her what she wants, but she has hinted that she wants to learn more, as well, even though she adores the fun class. The big stage is calling her.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to rakesh vaghela for the pic.

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