Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Perfect Storm

Now normally I'm a big fan of snow, and the more we get, the merrier. Sure, this will result in a bear of a mud season, and there's so much work to do when it snows, but hey, we love the stuff... sort of. You see, as much as I love the snow, we haven't gotten much this winter. It's been terrible for snow. We've managed to get a lot of skiing in, and personally, I would ski every day, but the kids are now done with it. I couldn't pay them to go skiing. Factor in the recent warm spell that we just had (you can see the ground on the driveway), and it pretty much culminated in a perfect storm of discontent over the recent snowfall we just had. I mean, come on already, I was ready for spring, and now this?

It must have dumped at least a foot overnight, which means that not only is winter holding on for dear life, but now I have to go out and shovel and rake the roof. I know I'm being a whiny baby, but I can't even go skiing because nobody will join me.

At least it was fun digging tunnels and making snow forts with N. After KB plowed (I kept thinking he was going to bring over YKW), there were massive snow drifts that are like Disneyland to Vermonters. We had a blast.

And I have to confess, it is pretty. There's something about winter in Vermont that you just have to love... most of the time. I'm just wondering where all this snow was in January, but then again, you can't have it all.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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