Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun Filled Saturday

Last week we decided to bite off more than we could chew, but what else is new? Truth be told, it was a fun day and more manageable than it sounds, though a little nutty. The was a Jazz Festival that for whatever reason the kids wanted to see, though I don’t think they’re that into jazz, if at all. Then again, they aren’t into a lot of things that we expose them to, but seeing them now and again helps them to appreciate all forms of art.

I like jazz, but appreciate it in a softer and more intimate setting, in the evening. I always think of New York and going to a small dark club or bar, filled with smoke as a non-descript jazz trio (piano, bass, and drums, that’s it) playing in the corner. Personally, that’s how I like jazz, but can appreciate the big performance on the big stage.

The kids pretty much wanted to go to see if their friends were there, and also, A’s guitar teacher was playing. He’s quite the accomplished guitarist and fairly well known in the area. The weather was threatening rain and thunder, so we were a bit weary. Plus, I have a million things to do around the house and for market, but sometimes you have to force yourself to stop. I’m good at that, as well.

We headed over and the crowd was pretty decent, though I still think a jazz festival is fairly ambitious for a small town. I will say this, the music was really good, and of course we connected with many of our friends. A&N took off and hung out, though N did more of his own thing on his bike, which is good, because A is the social butterfly in this family. I sat and watched the music and talked to friends, though it took a couple of hours.

R had to do some things at work, and the kids also wanted to go and see the opening of Monsters U, the movie, in Hanover. The plan was to meet at glorious Boloco, have supper, eat dessert, and then drop the kids off at the theater, giving us two hours of freedom. It worked out beautifully because a bunch of the kids friends were in Hanover, and there were several of their friends in the movie theater, sitting right behind them, no less. The movie was packed, BTW.

With two hours to kill, I figured R and I would go to the bookstore and read, but we ended up walking through Hanover, over to the pond, and then through the Dartmouth campus, holding hands and talking. It was nice, really sappy and romantic, and time passed quickly. It reminded me of living in New York when R and I did that all the time.

After the movie, we met with the kids and went home, ending quite an activity-filled day. That left Sunday to prepare for the market. Can’t wait.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Jason Trommetter and datingammo_king
for the pics.

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