Friday, June 21, 2013

Up and Running

I think we were a little behind the curve, but our garden is in full swing, and everyone in our house has is involved. In fact, what started out as my own personal venture has become a family affair, which is really how it should be. I originally set out to grow only tomatoes, that’s all I really wanted, but there’s plenty of space, so R jumped in and planted some of her own stuff, and now she’s hooked. She loves visiting the garden and watering and weeding, and just watching the progress of plants. Plus, it’s a community garden, so there are herbs and strawberries that are there for the taking, within reason, of course. It’s just a really nice place to spend time.

Speaking of family affairs, when I first planted everything, the kids helped me out, especially N. He really did a nice job digging holes, applying fertilizer, and transplanting the plants. He’s quite the industrious young fellow, and so conscientious and hard working. I really love to see it. A loves to help, as well, but being the artist and all, she’s more prone to letting her mind and attention wander to more fun and whimsical things. It could also be the pre-teen mind at work.

I also managed to score a bale of straw for ground cover, so we are up and running and in business. I’m curious to see how the tomatoes turn out, and if we get tomatoes like we did last year, then that will be very cool.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Murray Breen for the pic.

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