Thursday, June 27, 2013

Perfect Fit

After much research and rumination, we finally decided upon and got a new car. We were really wrestling with this one, but chose another Fit, partly because of Honda’s reputation, partly because of our mechanics recommendation, and partly because we love our Fit. Now we are a two Fit family, if you can believe that one.

One thing I’ve been noticing, and this could be my fertile imagination at work (wouldn’t be the first time), not to mention my completely biased POV, but I’m seeing Fits all over the place. Maybe we’re part of a burgeoning movement... nah! Recently the two cars I’m seeing a lot are Honda Fits and tiny Fiat hatchbacks. The Fiats are the same you see all over Europe, and I’m guessing they get good gas mileage.

Good to see people are getting more fuel efficient cars. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that our car buying experience was great at Shearer Honda. I hear good things about Honda dealers, they seem to be pretty low key, and don’t jump down your throat like some car dealers. I think it’s because they sell cars that people want, but that doesn’t completely explain their excellent customer service. We’ve bought two cars from Shearer, and both times, it was a really nice experience, if you can call buying a car such a thing. Our sales guy MH helped us out a lot, and they don’t pressure you, even though they are dying to, to get extras and spend more money.

There was a slight glitch in the process, however. We wanted to get a silver car, and Shearer was offering a loyalty discount, but they didn’t have the color we wanted. They did an exchange and had the car the next day, at our request. We needed a second car to do the farmer’s market, if you can believe that one. They scrambled and met our request, no questions asked. The only problem was, the car had some scratches on the door. MH said they would fix the problem, no question asked, but it would take a few days, so we could take the car, they would send out a loaner and take the new Fit, then bring it back. I know, it’s complicated, mainly because we needed the car the next day for the market.

That’s where we stand. The car is awesome, much like our first Fit, though we’re waiting for it to be delivered while we drive the loaner, which happens to be... you guessed it, another Honda. I thought it would be a Fit, but they gave us an Accord. It’s nice, but in my opinion, a bit big, with way too many bells and whistles. The biggest complaint I have is automatically locks your doors, which drives me crazy, but that’s just because I’m such a grouch.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to NathanWaddey for the pic.

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