Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Day of Fitness

There are days when I look back in wonder and ask myself, how exactly did I manage to do that? We had a busy day of activity this past weekend and I sure earned that extra piece of chocolate cake. It was a beautiful day, the kind that makes you realize how great it is to live up here, not that I needed any reminding, and at first I was going to do some poster boy work because some of the notices are a little behind schedule. However, as soon as I stepped outside and saw how nice it was I shifted gears and asked N if he wanted to go trail riding, which of course he was up for. We headed over to Ascutney trails and it was a perfect day for riding - cool, sunny, and breezy. We rode for a couple of hours and it was fun, albeit a workout. I was sucking air the whole time.

Afterward we came home and had lunch, and then mom mentioned that it would be a nice day to hike Mt. Tom, which of course it was. We hung out and relaxed, then I went and got picnic provisions and we set out for the summit. As you can imagine, weather that's perfect for a trail ride is also perfect for a hike, though again, I was sucking air going up. The kids took off way ahead of us and lead the way. At the top, we had a nice supper while watching the sun set over Killington, then we headed back down.

Since fall is in the air, the sun sets sooner, so we were walking in the dark at one point. Our trail guides were so far ahead of us that I had no idea where they were, though I'm sure they were waiting at the car laughing at us and rolling their eyes. Old people sure slow up things, don't they? We finally made it down after a couple of detours and sure enough, the kids were waiting and wondering where we'd been. Where do you think?

It was a fun day, filled with fun things though tiring for those of us who have stiff joints and aching limbs. I actually welcome the chance to get a good workout, especially when I'm not aware of how many calories I'm burning. As I get older I really appreciate being active, and never take it for granted.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Sujay for the pic.

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