Sunday, September 20, 2015

Soot Matters

I think it's a symbolic sign that fall and winter are on the way that I cleaned the chimney and the stove in preparation for the cold weather. Like all things in my life, I put it off all summer when I had ample time to do it, but then the weather started to cool of and it seemed as if we might be in need of some heat (false alarm). We were shivering in the house and I filled the wood and kindling boxes and was ready to roll except that the chimney needed sweeping. We had a stretch of cold and rainy days so I had to wait, but as soon as it warmed up, I assembled the chimney brush and went to work.

There was more soot up there than I thought, and I could feel the wind coming out of the access hole as the stuff came tumbling down the chimney. It makes you realize how much the stuff builds up. Now that it's done, I can rest easy in the knowledge that we are ready for winter, though you're never really ready, at least at first. Fire wood is stacked, kindling is chopped, and chimney is clean. Of course, now that it's warmed up, there's no need for it, but at least we're ready. That's good enough for now, isn't it?

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Marcin Lukaszewicz for the pic.

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