Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wedding Fever

I guess it's that time of year, but I've been doing a lot of catering work and it seems like every weekend there's a wedding, and then some. The weddings that I've worked at are serious affairs, as well. These people don't mess around when they tie the knot, and being on the higher end (at least in my universe) of elegance, both Sea Sails and the Inn put together an incredible affair. Pretty impressive stuff. I like working rather than being an actual guest because I don't have to mingle, socialize, or make small talk, I just do my job. It's almost like being invisible, especially when you do the big money affairs where people with excessive means probably have nothing to say to me, anyway, other than requesting another hors d'oeuvre.

I have noticed that despite the differences from wedding to another, there are definitely certain similarities, which is interesting given that these are high end ceremonies. The big seems to be wedding weekends, where they begin on Friday with all the pre-game festivities and rehearsals, followed by the ceremony and reception, then the Sunday brunch. Maybe this is standard fare for weddings, but it seems pretty extravagant. Then comes the music - every wedding I've worked there is a killer band, with multiple vocalists and a complete horn section, and they've all been great. They really rock out and play popular songs that are seemingly difficult to play live, but they pull it off.

While one or two of the gigs have involved the traditional wedding cake, more often than not they seem to serve simple desserts like cupcakes and brownies. At one all they had were homemade cookies, and bear in mind, these were occasions where no expenses were spared. And finally, I seem to notice that the bride and groom are not as warm and fuzzy as one might expect on the happiest day of their lives. It stands to reason that it's a stressful time and there are many people to meet with and talk to. Also, in the modern era, people getting married have usually been together for awhile, so they're pretty familiar with each other and some of the luster of one another's company has worn out. Maybe it's because these occasions are not necessarily about having fun and enjoying yourself but more about putting on the biggest party you can for all the world to see. At one gig, I couldn't help but think that all one of them cared about was being in the spotlight, almost at the expense of the other.

Then again, what do I know? I'm old and boring, and maybe this is just how the new generation ties the knot. I will say this, they are beautiful grand affairs, and every now and then I might get a chocolate chip cookie out of it. Then again, maybe not.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Igor Mokhovyk for the pic.

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