Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life's A Juggling Act

Sorry to everyone and anyone for my absence, but things have been a little crazy on this end. Just one long and nutty juggling act.

In fact, I can't even tell you how busy things have been with all that's going on, but I'll try. There are several new life developments that are making are adding to the drama, namely that A is now in school, and that I've been a catering monster as of late. It's a bit crazy. Throw in the market, house and barn chores, a visit by family, and various other activities, and I'm in constant motion. The fun never stops. Oh yeah, and did I mention poster-boy work has resumed? There are reasons for this madness, though I couldn't tell you what they are. Something to do with chasing the American Dream and supporting a fabulously opulent lifestyle.

For all it's worth, I think a lot of good things are going on, especially for the kids, I'm just too busy to give it much thought. One day I'll look back on all this and laugh... yeah, right.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Loupiote for the pic.

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