Tuesday, September 1, 2015

More Possible Catering Gigs

In the quest to make more big bucks to support our fabulously lavish lifestyles, I may have some more catering opportunities, thanks to my Mentor, who hooked me up with the Woodstock Inn. I have applied for jobs there in the past but various complications made the deals fall through. The biggest issues were time and my inability to be there when they needed me. I have to confess, they have been very cool over there despite my shortcomings, and each time I've contacted them, they've been amenable to me working for them. I guess I haven't screwed things up too much.

This time around I heard about catering work, and truth be told, I had heard of these opportunities from other friends. I know several people who work at the Inn, and some of the actually do catering and said it was a chance to make some money with flexible hours. Say no more. I emailed my Mentor's contact and she was in touch with me immediately. I filled out the forms and within 24 hours HR reached out to me. I know the person, AT, whom I've interacted with in the past and is very cool. She said they were looking for catering people because their busy season was kicking into full gear. I simply had to jump through the requisite hoops and meet with some of the right people. Fair enough.

I've initiated this process and am not sure where it will lead me, but whatever happens, it should be an adventure. Stay tuned for more.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to chazcooks 2002 for the pic.

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