Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Nice Score

Over where the kids do their editing work at the studio and they have a bench where people put their unwanted stuff, free for the taking. There is an eclectic mix of businesses in that building, so people with different interests and backgrounds occupy the premise, including numerous artists. On the free bench they usually have old books or magazines, but every now and then there's the random printer or tech device. I once saw a digital copier and was tempted to take it but wasn't sure what I'd do with it. Mom would not have approved. Sometimes I think I have a bit of that pathological hoarder gene going on inside of me.

Either way, I was dropping the kids off when I spotted a small radio and grabbed it. While we are not at a loss for radios in this house, I have for awhile wanted a small one for the kitchen that I can listen to while I'm doing my countless domestic duties. We have several boom boxes, the kids each have one in their rooms, I have one in the barn for that project, and one for the backyard for when I'm chopping/stacking wood. For the record, I bought all of them at the Listen Center and paid anywhere from $5-10 for each one. We also have a nice home stereo, but it's in the living room and in the mornings and evenings I can't really turn it up so I can actually hear it.

The thing about this radio is that it's a really cool one. It's made by Tivoli, and in addition to looking cool, it's got killer audio quality. The bass on it is amazing considering it's size, and when you crank up the volume, it really booms. I love this thing, and the convenient size makes it perfect for placement on the counter. I thought I read that it was weather resistant, too. I looked online and a new version of this will set you back about $200. Can you believe that? It makes me stoked that I got it for free.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Charles_Che for the pic.

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