Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Seeing Clearly

I went to my (our) eye doctor CF at Fields of Vision the other day and didn't realize that it had been five years since my last visit. I was noticing that my glasses were sort of bugging me and figured that my eyes were changing, but was I ever surprised to learn that my Rx had gotten weaker, i.e., my glasses were too strong. My first impression was that my eyes were improving but CF brought me back down to earth by informing me that it was natural for your eyes to adjust in the positive direction and that it was not going to continue. My eyes were not going to revert back to their pre-glasses state. Oh well, I was pretty stoked for a minute there.

He updated my Rx and I immediately went and had my lenses replaced, and boy what a difference it made. Not only that, but you don't realize how much your glasses get dirty (perhaps nasty and disgusting, as well?) and warped over five years. That nasty, greasy green stuff on the nose pads really builds up. The opticians at Pro Optical put the new lenses in and repaired the frames, and I was amazed how well I could see afterward. The difference was striking, and my glasses fit my face a whole lot better.

I was going to get my Rx sunglasses re-fitted as well but want to explore the online option. I'd heard that you can get great deals on the internet and as much as I find it hard to fathom, I'm all for saving some dough. At the very least it's worth a look, we'll see where this one goes.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to jopperbok for the pic.

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