Thursday, February 18, 2016

On a Positive Note

A weekend or two back N had an incredibly busy hockey weekend lined up, complete with games up near the Canadian border and overnight stays in hotels. I had to work on Saturday evening so the plan was for him to go up with GG and stay with him while I worked. I would rendezvous with them on Sunday for games up in Highgate (5 miles from Canada) and then St. Albans. Talk about a brutal weekend.

Well, it all fell to pieces when N came down with the flu. I still had to work, but instead of spending 12 hours on the road for hockey, I got to stay home and go to A's concert. How's that for making the most of things? Mind you, I was fully prepared to drive up to the border and watch some hockey, and of course I'm disappointed that we missed all those games, but it was also nice to see A jam because it seems like I'm usually on the road for hockey when she plays.

She was over at Salt Hill Pub with her band. I guess Tuck's does a regular thing there every year and it's a cool event. Plenty of people in attendance because there are 6-7 bands playing, so that's a lot of family members. She plays in two bands and one of them was the first one up, so we got there early and I was able to stake out a spot at the bar, right in front. A killer seat if I may say so. Now being at the bar and spending several hours there, I figured I couldn't just sit there and not contribute to the economy, so I ended up drinking a couple of non-alcoholic beers and sharing some wings with A in-between sets. It was a lot of fun. I felt like I was getting the full pub experience sans alcohol, and I got to see A jam. Both of her bands do a great job, they have some talented artists, and I think it works nicely because they both have really good singers. Not just their voices, but their stage presence is nice, as well. While most of the musicians are pretty stoic, the singers are animated and put on a good show. And of course, being the totally objective father that I am, I have to say that A has a good stage presence, as well. She really looks like she's having fun up there and dances and bounces around while she plays. It's not easy but she makes it look like fun.

Anyway, after her first set she sat with me for a bit and had some wings, then her second band showed up and she went to hang out with them. I ended up chatting with one of the dads who also happens to be a hockey dad, so we had a connection. I actually knew him from previous encounters at various ice rinks. Also, being a pub and all, there were half a dozen TVs going all the time, and one of them had some pre-Super Bowl show where they showed highlights from all the previous SBs, many of which I watched in my youth. It was kind of cool, so I had something to distract me in between A's sets. I never watch TV so when it's on, I can't help myself.

A's second act was nice, her band is pretty cool and they rocked the house. Afterward, she packed up her guitar and we headed home for supper. I have to say that even though missing all this hockey is disappointing, I did not miss the long drive to Canada, and I enjoyed watching A play and staying close to home. You have to take advantage of those moments when they fall in your lap because they are few and far in-between.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to aphorisma for the pic.

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