Friday, February 5, 2016

Hockey Night

I have been working pretty regularly at the Inn and my shifts tend to fall on the same nights as A's hockey games. Consequently, I've missed quite a few, which is a complete bummer. Mom has made it to a lot of them because she volunteers to help out. What a trooper. This past week I was scheduled to work from 5-10, and I asked if I could be out of there by 10:00 so I could at least give A a ride home. This meant that mom would not have to drive to the arena twice, once to take her to her game, and the second time to bring her home. The reason for this was because N was sick in bed and she didn't want to leave him home all by himself in that state.

Anyway, I got to work and we whipped through our tasks, which is a bit out of character. We had to go offsite, which always makes us work late, but we cranked through it, and by 7:30 we were back at the Inn. Things were looking good. As 8:00 rolled around, there were only a few things left to do, and they didn't require my presence since the other guys were still going to be there. I asked if I could go, figuring I could make to the rink by 8:30 and catch the last two periods of A's game. When I got there, they were still playing the national anthem, so I knew I was going to be able to watch the whole game. I enjoy watching the kids play, and even though my back was killing me, it was fun. It was nice also that mom didn't have to come back to the rink for pick-up, and the girls won. A win-win-win situation. I love when that happens.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to John Diana for the pic.

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