Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Computer Care

As the saying goes, one thing leads to another, especially when it comes to new technology. Way back when, I can't even recall when it was, I got N some new memory for his computer and then learned he needed a new battery. I'm not even sure why I got him more memory because it's not as if he needs it, though when you work with programming and game design, it often requires huge amounts of RAM. His computer was operating with two 2 GB memory chips, which is small by today's standards. My laptop runs on two 1GB chips, so it's a dinosaur.

When I replaced A's memory I figured I might was well replace his, as well, especially since they'll install it for free at the college. I don't think installation is that difficult, they just scare you to discourage you from trying. I was watching the guy take the bottom panel off and the only tool it required was a screwdriver, but I figured if they were willing to do the work, I would opt for that path. Yes, the fear-mongering made me afraid.

Either way, when he installed the memory, he also cleaned out the dust and build-up and then ran a diagnostic test, which indicated that the battery was dead. This hasn't stopped N from using his computer, he just runs it off the power cord, but it is a laptop, and having a functioning battery seems like a good thing, doesn't it? Batteries, however, are not cheap, but I opted to replace it. It's a good thing wedding season has begun at the Inn.

With the new battery and memory, hopefully his computer will run like a Cadillac, or better yet, a Honda Fit. When N came back and I excitedly told him that I replaced the battery, his painfully practical response was, "You didn't have to, you could have just said no thanks." I think he might have been concerned about the cost, which is a good thing, but I told him to just thank his dad and be happy with a smoother running computer.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Neil L for the pic.

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