Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Septic Search

The time has once again come to pump our septic tank, and I think if anything I've put it off longer than usual, not that I have a lot of experience with it since I've only had it pumped once before. I'm not sure what the standard is for pumping intervals, but needless to say, I think it's time. With that in mind, I need to locate the tank and more importantly, the hatch that accesses the goods... or bads when you really get down to it.

The last time the guy came to pump he kept lecturing me on how I should install an access unit to make it easier to not only find the tank, but access it, thus the name. It would require obtaining some concrete tube sections with a hatch on top, if you can envision that. It would be like a septic bunker. The previous owners never put one in, I'm thinking for aesthetic purposes, and I sort of went along with it, but this time around I started wondering about the merits of such a unit. The reason for my change in heart was that I sort of forgot where the tank is. I was sure it was in one place but when I dug it up, I was a little off. I actually found the tank, just not the exact location I needed. Plus, it was hard work digging that hole, it is fairly deep and there were some substantial rocks that I had to excavate. Anyone who has experience with this can relate to how hard it is to dig up heavy rocks in a narrow opening. It makes a big difference if you can stand in the hole, but I don't want to rip up our backyard. Then again, it may just come to that.

We'll see how this one goes. Until then, thanks for reading.

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