Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lawnmower Woes

Our lawnmower is on the fritz and if we don't get it up and running soon, I'm going to have start making hay out of our lawn. Every year I do routine maintenance on the mower and every year it fires up and goes, except for this year. I changed the oil and filter, put in a new spark plug, cleaned the carb, and I even changed the blade. When I pulled that cord, there were no signs of life, which is a total bummer. My first impulse was to call someone who might know how to fix it, and the only person that I personally know who fits this description is JH and His Magic Bag of Tricks. Unfortunately, he was feeling under the weather and not really feeling up to dealing with my own personal drama, so I ended up taking it over to Joe's. I bought the mower there and they are good for service issues, it's just that at this time of year they are busy and there is usually a wait of at least a week or two.

So now I sit and wait. I've called them a couple of times and I think they are totally sick of hearing my voice. I can't say I blame them, but sometimes the squeaky wheel gets the oil, or simply gets replaced with a non-squeaky wheel.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to David Buckle for the pic.

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