Friday, May 20, 2016

Fan Club

It's truly amazing what can happen if you give a kid a soldering iron. I know when I was a kid I loved soldering things together, and I had a sense the same would be true with N. I had it in the back of my head to get him one, but put it off because I figured I could get it cheaper online. However, I just sat on it and at some point it became clear that he wanted to do some electrical work. I finally broke down and got him a decent one and from there he just took off. For the record, it's a nice soldering iron because it has LED lights that illuminate whatever you're working on. How cool is that?

Either way, with soldering iron in hand, N went to work and started wiring all sorts of things together. We have countless wires and parts lying around and I told him to help himself to my tools and whatever extraneous parts he wants to play with. One of the results is this fan, which is pretty darn cool. He plays it down and thinks it's no big deal, but I for one beg to differ. He took some wire and attached a motor to it, then fabricated a fan from an old CD (remember what those are?). He then spliced a USB wire so that it can plug into his computer and run off it as a power source. All in all a pretty cool device.

I'm interested to see what else he produces. Until then, thanks for reading.

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