Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sweat and Blood

Talk about sweating blood for your job, I was working the other night and hit my head against a coat rack and cut my forehead. The cut was not deep, or for that matter very serious, but it sure bled like crazy. Bleeding on your face in any amount is not a good thing when you're serving guests at a high end wedding, and my supervisor took one look at me and said, "Fred, what the hell?" I managed to get the bleeding to stop, but I was self-conscious of it the entire evening.

Then, for good measure, I managed to hit the coat rack again at the end of the evening, opening up an even bigger gash on my ear. How the heck do these things happen to me? The bleeding in my ear was pretty impressive, but fortunately it was at the end of the evening, so no guests had to endure my bloody display. As we were signing out to leave, I was holding a towel to my ear and it was covered in blood. My supervisor took one look at me and once again said, "Fred, what the hell?" It was kind of funny.

One interesting note, several of my co-workers are women and their maternal instincts took over as they saw my injury. Talk of emergency rooms, doctors, stitches, and filing injury reports kept coming up. I just wanted to get home. For all it's worth the injury to my ear probably warranted stitches, it was that deep, but it healed just fine. As for future injuries, I just need to pay attention to where I'm walking.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to evil robot 6 for the pic.

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