Friday, September 30, 2016

Gravel Pit

Last Sunday we had assorted activities to attend that took us out of the house for the day. I'm forgetting what exactly these activities were, but suffice it to say that it included A's rehearsal, which meant getting over to the big city. I figured it was a good chance for N and I to go to the driving range and hit some balls, but we can't do that for 3 hours, so an expanded plan was in order. N decided to bring his RC truck with him and hit the skate park, which they had just renovated and had a big celebration the day before. Unfortunately, the celebration continued onto Sunday and the place was a zoo, and when I say a zoo, I mean full of skateboarders, who can sometimes be edgy and even venture into being hoodlums. Not necessarily the kind of scene you want young kids playing in. Plus, there just wasn't any space.

So we ditched the plan for driving his truck at the park, but didn't want to pass on the opportunity to get some RC driving in, so we drove around a bit, trying to think of where to go. Near the skatepark is the place where I purchased the concrete blocks that I used for the septic tank and as I recalled, it was a pretty big lot. It makes sense because concrete blocks require concrete, and the place was like a gravel pit. We drove up there and there was nothing in terms of a gate preventing us from entering, so we went in and looked around. Sure enough there were big piles of rocks and stones that you would expect from a gravel pit, which meant a golden opportunity to ride and RC truck. The day was beautiful so I sat in the car and read my book while he climbed up a massive hill and went crazy with his vehicle. It was actually cool to watch, and he had a blast. It was the perfect setting to drive the RC truck.

Afterward we went for supper and then the driving range, but I'm glad we didn't give up on the RC truck. It just goes to show you that it's never over until it's over... whatever that means.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Stephanie Stout for the pic.

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