Friday, September 9, 2016

School, continued

I finally managed to complete the enrollment of the kids for school this year, and it was complicated by the fact that our usual assessor has stopped doing assessments. Total bummer on a number of levels, the first of which is that he knew the kids well and had done a stellar job on the assessments for the past few years. Another good reason that I was bummed was because I had to find a licensed teacher who would be willing to step in and do the assessments. Finally, they moved the deadline up a bit, asking for stuff in early summer, though when I contacted them they showed me some mercy and let me submit the stuff at a later date. Thanks to them for that.

In the end I found someone willing to do it, and she did a wonderful job. Hopefully she'll be willing to do it again next year, but let's see how that one goes. I think I need to get the info to her sooner because she's got a real job and doesn't have time to sit around and attend to my needs, though if you ask me, I think everyone should drop everything and attend to my needs. Nobody cares what I think.

Now that the assessments are in, we can look forward and focus on the new year, which should be interesting because A's schedule is looking pretty busy, and this year N will be taking a class, as well. Since things are just getting started there is much to plan and implement, but for now we're easing into the first two weeks. In the next month or two we'll need to solidify our home schedule and cover the things we need to cover. Never a dull moment on this end.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to autobuses de catalunya for the pic.

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