Friday, September 9, 2016

Pet Sitters, Inc.

Not that I'm complaining (and I'm always complaining), but N's pet sitting gig has been going pretty well, albeit a bit busy with all that's going on. This is especially true now that dad is riding solo. Currently there are three households that are away and N is in charge of feeding and watering. This includes chickens, which sort of ups the ante a little because there's more work and they are a source of worry, at least for me. This stems from previous bad experiences which I won't bore you with.

Either way, it's been busy for all of us because it requires transport to and from the various locations in addition to school, work, home life, and household duties. In other words, life is a little crazy. I'm glad N is the go to guy for these jobs and he takes it seriously and does a good job, but it still requires that mom and I drive him over, and one of the houses is not that close. He can ride his bike to some but for the most part it's a family affair.

Oh well, nobody said chasing the American Dream was easy. Then again, neither is chasing the American Nightmare.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to WabbyTwaxx for the pic.

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