Friday, September 23, 2016

Playing With Fire

With summer waning I realized that there is firewood that needs to be attended to before the snow (hopefully) comes. We've already got this year's wood all split and stacked. It's been seasoning for over a year, and we had a dry summer, so hopefully it's ready to burn. I still needed to get all the kindling split so I spent a couple of days in the basement working on it, dreading it in fact, though like all things in life, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I just kept working on it and before I knew it I had all five bins filled. I can check that off the list.

I also brought down the fat logs and backup kindling blocks, as well as a couple of loads of dry wood for emergencies when the wood box is empty and I just can't bring myself to brave the weather to fill it. In a pinch we have a stack of kindling blocks that would work as firewood as well since they are all hardwood. I love when planning works out well.

That leaves firewood pile #2 for 2017-18. My goal is to get it cut, split, and stacked, but it's definitely taking longer than I thought it would. I've been splitting like mad man and generating these massive piles of split wood, but when I stack them, they barely make a dent. Total bummer. On a bright note, the weather is getting cooler so splitting and hauling are not as painful. Also, we have plenty of wood, so I can keep chipping away at the stone, as the saying goes.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Stephen Butler for the pic.

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