Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Confronting Boredom and Waiting

Yesterday we had a mellow day and sat around the house not doing much of anything. Sure, we dealt with the things we had to deal with, like cleaning and meals and homeschool assignments, but on the whole, it was my kind of day-relaxing with nowhere to be. There is usually plenty for me to deal with around the house, especially with assorted projects that are in limbo, but what works for me doesn't always work for the kids, and I got a sense at times that they were getting bored.

My first impulse was to load them up in the truck and cart them off to fun and exciting places, but then it dawned on me that we'd had a pretty active weekend, and there's nothing wrong with spending some quiet time at home, even being bored. It's something we talk about all the time, the need to be able to spend time in your own head, free from external distractions. Heck, that's how I grew up, and remember actually looking forward to having some down time to myself where I could make up my own world. Sure, that may be asking a lot of today's kids, but when you can sit quietly and entertain yourself, the world becomes a much more manageable place, and you become less dependent on other people and other stimuli.

It seems like more and more everyone around me is incapable of just sitting still. The world is just so distracted, and a lot of it has to do with the internet and TV.

Anyway, it was a slow mellow day, and I think the kids are all the better for it. Today we'll try to go and do some fun stuff, maybe hit the rock climbing gym. You never know.

We are moving into the next phase of homeschooling for N. He is getting good at reading and writing, and though he takes part begrudgingly, he does take part, and without much of a fight. While I have no illusions of whether he actually likes it, sometimes he's fairly motivated, which makes me think he doesn't hate it. We ordered new books for him and I think he'll be ready when the time comes. Things are starting to click with him, though his enthusiasm isn't always there. Give the guy a break, he's young. There are more fun things to do.

As for A, it becomes a question of addressing the areas of need. Her math and reading are fine, and I know she can grasp and absorb all concepts of health and science, it's history and government that will be more of challenge. How do you make that interesting? We are focusing on health and science, and again, it's about getting the cold hard facts. We're getting there, but slowly, and we are always shifting on the fly.

In a way, it's nice the Christmas concert stuff is over because it opens up Fridays to do social/fun stuff, and it's one less appointment to worry about. BTW, the concert was great, A really shined, and best of all, she loved it. She found something she could do and do it well, and she asserted herself and showed courage and poise. Big things for a seven year old.

I'm still waiting to hear from the Valley News and it's not looking good. I'm doing the worst thing in sitting around and waiting, as if my life depended on this one thing, and I don't even have any details about the gig, i.e., does it even pay? Once again, putting all my eggs in one basket. The truth is, I think it would suit me well, and I've got the experience and ability to fill the void, but I guess I'll hear about it if it was meant to be.

In the meantime, I had this brilliant idea: move on with my life. Does it get any better? I decided to continue pitching my ideas to not only other pubs, but to the same pub. I still like my idea of Green In, and think it would be suitable for any of the assorted pubs in the area, all five of them. I just need to get a general query together, which is a lot harder than it seems.

I've also other things to deal with, including house stuff and pieces I need to finish, all of which are weighing heavily on my mind, bringing me down. It gets me depressed just thinking about it, but again, the only way to rise above it is to rise above it. Deal with it and you shall be rewarded.

About 9 more days until Christmas, and there are still things I need to take care of. Got to get my mom's card, my sis in law's gifts, and the last of cards out. I should deal with that today. Hope to get to the Wall, and would love to do some ice skating, maybe with the homeschool skate, but that's on Friday.

I'm living my life like a cliche, so much to do, so little time. I've also been doing battle with our cat, she simply loves to destroy our tree, and has been slowly taking out ornaments and destroying them. It made me mad at first, and I reprimanded her but regretted it, so for now, I'll just deal with it. No big deal, right?

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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