Thursday, December 18, 2008

Everyday is a Snow Day, Missing Our Cats, and Christmas on the Horizon

We got some good snow yesterday, and since it was imperative that we take full advantage of it, we went out first thing in the morning and played in it. The kids really love getting suited up and hitting the snow. It's beautiful to watch kids play in the snow, there's truly something magical about it. Kids and dogs just love snow, and there's an important message in there.

Being a parent, of course, requires dealing with snow's challenges, so while the kids played I dealt with shoveling and clearing, not to mention getting firewood. What's nice is the kids actually enjoy helping with the shoveling. I don't know how this works, but some kids are just motivated to do things that you wouldn't think they would enjoy, and it's cute as heck to see. N in particular loves to shovel snow, and they cleared out a little ice patch to be their in-house ice skating rink. It's slippery as heck, dare I say dangerous. I've taken more than my share of spills on it.

We took Misty and Dusty to the vet yesterday, braving the blizzard no less (chalk one up for our Hakkas) to have them spayed. The vet actually called to say all went well, so that's a big relief, but they hold onto the cats for 24 hours so we haven't seen them and miss them. As much as they drive you crazy, they really are a part of our family, though the kids have been dealing with the situation very well. We're going to pick them up today with the truck and I have anxiety about how it will deal with the road conditions. I have this notion that we'll have to drive the entire way in 4WD, but we shall see.

Had a good day of homeschooling, N finished his math workbook and is on the cusp of hitting the big time. Fortunately I have his next book and I'm curious to see how he deals with upping the ante a little. I've found learning with him takes a lot more stealth and agility, and forces me to be a lot more involved and engaged. I enjoy it, though it's more work, but nobody said we're looking for the easy way out on this one. Either way, it's exciting to see him engaged and enthusiastic about learning, and in the end, what homeschooling is all about.

Christmas is right around the corner, we have a week to go, and I have to deal with family stuff, especially getting a card out to my mom and my neices present. I have them, just need to send them.

Also have to get stocking stuffers for the kids. We try to discourage massive consumption of junk, but they need to have something, and Joanne does a great job sending them lots of stuff while we can fill in the gaps. It's a bit much at times, but they're kids and should have magic in their lives.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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