Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's the Little Things

Sometimes you have to measure life by the small victories, and for that matter, defeats. Yesterday we had such a nice day, but it ended with N melting down a little and refusing to eat dinner. A total bummer, because he's been eating up a storm lately, and he's not a big eater, leaning towards being a bit fussy. There's something going on with that boy, and he absolutely refuses to talk about it, but I'm wondering if it's rooted in either C&P. Maybe somebody's being mean to him and it really affects him. We'll have to investigate.

We've delved into our new homeschooling program and are trying to make a greater effort to address our previous shortcomings, mainly in everything but math and english. In the end, we have no issues with what the kids are learning, because they are doing a great job, we just need to be more adept at accountability, i.e., satisfying the state. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it forces us to give greater thought to what we are doing, which is always good.

Besides, employing a little variation makes learning more fun and interesting.

Looking out the window, I realize that we left the sleds and stuff out on the hill. Today is going to be a crazy day because I'm planning on making bread, bagels, cookies, and dinner. It could get ugly.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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