Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grooving, Having Fun, and Writer's Block

Things have been going pretty mellow, and I must say we've found a bit of a groove in many areas. It makes out day that much more enjoyable, and I think the kids get a lot out of it. First off, we start slow, no rush to be anywhere or do anything, so they get to enjoy breakfast and some quiet time getting their day started. I've found that doing our school work ASAP is helpful, so after brushing teeth, we'll hit the books. A is the most resistant, even though once she gets started, she really gets into it, evident by the fact that she often does more than is asked of her. It's awesome to see, because she really loves learning. N has been outstanding, and has moved it up the next level. In fact, I think he really secretly likes doing his work, and will even mention it to me, as if the day can't move forward until he gets to do his school work. How cool is that? He's a reader even though he won't admit it.

Overall, it's been going pretty smoothly, but you gotta ride the peaks because the valleys are always waiting in the wings. I've found that you really have to stand your ground and get the work done, just a little bit each day, and not try to reinvent the wheel. I'm really trying to avoid making school work a chore, and don't want them to hate it, though a bit of that is inevitable. Whatever the case, they are doing a great job, and the key is going at a pace that works for them rather than a one-size-fits all approach. The mantra of homeschooling, and thus far things are working out.

On the fun side, we've actually been partaking in a number of activities and it's been a blast. The kids have really taken to three things-bowling, XC skiing, and rock climbing. It's awesome, and they are all a good distance from us so getting there is not an insurmountable chore, like so many things in our lives. I'm glad they enjoy them, though they can add up in terms of expense. The best thing, we can all do them together, and when mom is free, she can join us.

AND, we aren't even doing things like ice skating and dance, so things are working out on the activity front. I just need to get documentation (i.e., pics) to placate the state, but that shouldn't be a problem. Then again, it's not easy to belay and hold a camera at the same time. Just wanted to mention a cool note John at the Wall for being a good friend and neighbor and letting us slide on the admission fee to climb. I'd forgotten my wallet, and he said we could owe them or even call in the credit card. Thanks John! FYI, he's a local resident.

I love small town life, people are so cool. It makes the holidays that much more special.

I've been struggling to find my footing in the writing world and have to confess to having some serious blockage, and I'm not talking about my colon. I've been struggling to write my piece for WAHM, sorry Erika, but will get it done in the next week, I've made a promise to everyone, including myself. I've pitched my ideas to a few pubs, and the thing that sucks is that I never hear back. What a drag, they just completely blow me off. At least the courtesy of a response would be so appreciated, but they all leave me hanging. Such is the life of a freelance writer, so I've got to keep my feet moving and not feel discouraged, but it ain't easy. Even just writing a query or a pitch is difficult, but again, I'm not getting anywhere by whining, and I really need to generate some sort of income, even if it's chipping away at the stone. More on this later.

In the meantime, it's back to the keyboard. We'll see how this one goes. Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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