Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Weather and Our Daughter's Show

It's cold outside, the temperature differential has been about fifty degrees over the last two days, which makes a mess of things outside. You understand why people obsess over the weather in the Northeast. It really forces you to adapt and improvise by challenging you constantly. We have been part of the lucky crowd in that we have electricity. People not too far from us, in fact less than half a mile, have lost power for a day or two. It's pretty significant when the weather is this cold, because everything ends up freezing and the days are so short. We're supposed to get a warm front, and then more cold weather. What a strange Winter it's been thus far.

Fortunately, as well, we have lots of wood, so there's at least the heat to keep us warm. Still no big snow storm, though, and it's looking less and less like we'll have a white Christmas. Speaking of which, they sang that last night at the show.

The show was really cool on so many levels, the most important of which was seeing A on stage. Enough said. The children all did a wonderful job, they looked so cute up there in their Sunday best, and best of all, it looked like they were all having fun. The most important thing. Afterward, A commented on the thrill of the applause. She said it made her feel more brave, and I'm glad she enjoyed herself.

It was a little harder for N, who was full of beans, but you can hardly blame him since the show was near his bedtime and even for an adult it's hard to sit still. Even with all that, he did a great job of sitting through the show. It couldn't have been easy. Hopefully a day show will be a bit more manageable.

I'm thinking today will be a mellow day, spent mostly just hanging out in the house, by the fire, though I do want to get some workbook stuff done. It'll make me the goat, but I'm willing to assume that position. Heck, somebody's got to.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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