Thursday, October 3, 2013

Goodbye... but not Farewell?

It is with mixed feelings that the market has come to an end, which it did yesterday. On the one hand, it’s great to have some time back to do other assorted forms of hard labor (like building a barn), but on the other, there were numerous rewards to doing the market. First off, the income. We are in an interesting financial situation these days, and even though falafels didn’t bring in loads of cash, it was something, and when you’re facing the pit of financial gloom, any form of income is good income.

Beyond the money, however, was the whole process of being a part of the market. We enjoyed getting to know our neighbors at the market, whom we now consider friends, and we appreciated developing a loyal clientele, some of whom came to the market just to get our falafels. The human ego is such a frail thing. It was also a great experience for us a family because we tackled a project and learned a great deal about confronting challenges and overcoming obstacles. These are great experiences when you do them together as a family, not unlike traveling. Even the kids appreciated the rewards that come from a honest day’s work, and for the record, they did a great job. It’s a pretty cool experience, and sort of unique.

The market manager is a well-connected person, and she even said if we were interested that we might be able to score some falafel gigs through Dartmouth, though we would have to go through official channels. This could be interesting, and at the very least, make for an interesting story.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Natalie Maynor for the pic.

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