Sunday, October 13, 2013

Roast Beef and More

We have been trying to reduce our consumption of red meat, and doing a fine job, I might add, even though we are family of meat lovers (at least three of us are). The vegetarian thing is really not that bad when you get down to it, and it’s definitely a rewarding challenge, but every now and then, a good steak or burger really hits the spot, though after eating a lot of vegetarian meals, big slabs or roasted meat don't actually look that appetizing. Go figure.

Either way, we attended our first roast beef supper at the local church. They are famous for this meal, and the big story was that JD Salinger used to be a regular and was usually the first one in line. He used to live right across the river. We know a countless number of people who attend this church, and they are always asking us if we were interested, but as I mentioned, we’re not so keen on eating a ton of meat. Actually, we’re keen on it, but think better of it.

We finally broke down and went for it. I contacted the H’s for tips on when to go, they are regulars, and we arranged to meet them for supper. We never see those guys anymore, so it was a nice way to reconnect. I took the kids over and we sat down to an incredible meal. R was away for the weekend, and she would have opted out of all you can eat roast beef. To be clear, the meat is not just roast beef, but prime rib, and plenty of it. They get their beef from the meat experts, too - BG’s Market, and believe me, they know their meat. Just ask my Mentor.

The place was crowded when we got there, though I was told not as crowded as it can be. You have to stand in line to get in, but it moved quickly, and again, I was told the line was nothing compared to how it can be. The seating is communal, which fits in with the small town/church vibe, though we had a party of ten, so we got to sit at our own table.

The food was great, and in interesting combinations, though we were really there for the beef. It could be that I was just clueless, but they served sweet pickles and coleslaw, which I thought was unusual, along with the staples of a roast beef supper - mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans (canned), and generic dinner rolls. Then came the meat, and plenty of it. They bring large plates of thinly sliced prime rib, thin enough to eat all of it, even the gristle, not to be gross. I don’t mind a little fat, it really gives the meat flavor. Every time something ran out, they’d bring more. I could have eaten four to five plates of the stuff, it’s so rare that I eat prime rib. The thin slices are a great way to go, too.

At some point they want you to move along, though they would never come out and say that, they are super friendly and the service is great. Instead, they let you know the meal is coming to an end by taking your pie order (smart idea), which for the kids, sealed the deal. I wanted to say I wasn’t finished, but didn’t want to hold things up. I ate the kid’s leftovers, instead.

The pies were amazing, as well. I got the chocolate chip pie, the kids opted for something else chocolate. The slices were generous and the pie delicious. Then it was time to go. The meals are very businesslike, and the room was fairly noisy. It was like eating in New York City, you have to yell to be heard.

It was nice to see the Hs, we never see them anymore, and as usual, I enjoyed catching up with DH. We always end up having a nice conversation, he has a secret rebellious/rock and roll side to him that slips out now and then.

It was a fun evening, good food in a social atmosphere. How often do we do that? Actually, probably more than I realize, considering that we are such social animals. Just wait until hockey season starts.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to RobMakes for the pic.

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