Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to N

N had his birthday yesterday, the big 1-0, and I think he had a nice day despite the fact that it was fairly low key. His mom and dad sort of prefer it that way, and we like to think he might, as well, but that could be guilty justification, we’re just not big party types. N has now and then alluded to wanting a party, but when the time arrives, he seems fine with a quiet family gig with his favorite thing: presents.

He was excited, nonetheless, especially since it arrived on the heels of our trip to Ohio and right before his big week at camp. When does all the madness end? Hopefully never. As usual, we fretted a bit about what to do and whether or not he and his sister had enough gifts, which of course conflicts with our feelings about over-reliance on material possessions to be happy and all that good stuff.

The reality is, kids like to get presents, and especially N, who really values his stuff. He tends to be thoughtful and specific about his wish list and takes very good care of his belongings. His sister, on the other hand, tends to want something and then once she gets it, her interest wanes a little. N’s list tends to be a little more rooted in practical reality, with the exception of the occasional mini-bike or race car, whereas A will sometimes aim for more extravagant items. She really has an artist’s sensibility

Either way, since we were just returning from our trip, we had to scramble a bit to pull off N’s big day. We arrived back home around 9:00PM, then got everyone into bed. Then R and I went to work, despite our exhaustion. We decorated the dining room and wrapped his presents, but there were still items that needed to be purchased, not to mention retrieved from the post office.

The original plan was for me to take N mountain biking at Killington, but there were a couple of complications. First, N’s bike is a little big on him, and it doesn’t have a suspension, which is not essential, but is kind of important to a kid. I wasn’t sure if they allowed people to use older bikes with their own equipment, but I’m assuming they would. I failed to clarify this, which is my bad, but it turns out the biking season on the hill ended while we were away. Now we can look forward to next season, which also gives me a year to round up the necessary gear, including a bike w/suspension. It’s not about safety but looking cool.

The backup plan was to take him golfing and then maybe to the skate park, and the weather made all this possible. However, once N woke up, we had a nice birthday breakfast of pancakes and breakfast, then he got to open his presents, which he was thrilled with. So thrilled, in fact, that he spent the entire day opening and assembling them, and before we knew it, it was afternoon and too late for golf.

We were going for pizza for supper, and R still had to pick up the cake, so I took N to the skate park, R took A to get the fudge cake at Lou’s, and we met at the Brick-N-Brew. After supper, we came home opened more presents and had cake and ice cream, then sat down for family movie night, Edward Scissorhands, which the kids loved. Personally, my idea of a perfect birthday, but I’m an old man and like these quiet events.

Whatever be the case, N really loved his gifts, he’s really lucky to have wonderful grandparents and an uncle and aunt who give him thoughtful gifts. Maybe he was bummed at not having a party, but it didn’t seem like it, and in the end, he’s not that sort of kid, not like his sister who is effusively social. He’s definitely more of an introvert.

We got to be at a reasonable time, and then the next day we carted the kids off for camp. Hockey is starting soon, and then we’re off to California. The adventure continues.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to normanack for the pic.

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