Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meunier to the Rescue

This is the sort of thing that happens in small towns and makes you realize how great it is to be really connected with your community. First off, we have a mechanic, Meunier Towing, that we trust because he is our friend and neighbor. I could never say that when I lived in LA, that’s for sure.

Second, he does great work and is extremely reliable. Finally, he will help us out and do us favors in our time of need. In fact, just the other day, he squeezed us in at the last minute and took care of us. How can you beat that? We needed to have a car inspection because our sticker expires in October, which is this week. I called on a Saturday, when they are open in limited amounts, and he said come on in. He figured that they are booked well into November, and since he had some time, he’d take care of us sooner than later.

The car is pretty easy to inspect, it’s three years old, even though there is a little issue with one of the indicator lights. He said he could take care of it the next time I come in, and we were back in business. No need to worry about driving around with an expired sticker, which is a bummer, though not the end of the world.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Jo West for the pic.

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