Monday, October 7, 2013

MTV Moment

As part of their video club, the kids were given the assignment to make a music video. After choosing the music and contemplating their piece, they were ready to take action, and might I say, they did a stand-up job. A was in charge and she does a nice job of having fun but keeping things together to get the job done. Their idea was to film at the Path of Life in Windsor, which for the record is a really interesting and cool place and well worth a visit.

I called them a few days before to see if we could actually film there, and the guy working there, C, was cool and said come on down. The plan was to get the filming equipment, pack a lunch, and meet up at the library. That is when I took over and drove the kids to the Path of Life. We lucked out on the weather, it was beautiful and sunny, and the kids brought a boatload of costumes. We found a shady spot, left all the gear, and the kids went to work. C was really cool and let us all in free on the condition that he gets to see the final work, and maybe even put it on his website. Fair enough.

I ended up having to sit there and read a book because we couldn’t let the kids run around free and crazy. Plus, there were other groups there at the time. In fact, this was a bit awkward, but there was a group of people in recovery spending the day there, and they all came and sat around me to have their lunch because I was in a nice shady spot. I sat there and minded my own business, but after lunch, they went around the group and talked about their recovery and what brought them there. It was a little heavy, and I’m glad the kids were off somewhere else filming their piece.

The filming went for a few hours, with a break for lunch in-between. Kudos to A for leading the way and taking charge. At some point I heard her say to the group that she was all for fun, but at some point she was going to have to crack the whip or they’d never finish. Such a director.

After the filming was all done, we headed over to Fraser’s Place to get ice cream, then back to the library for story hour. It was quite the day, and I’m glad the kids not only had fun, but worked hard on their project and got the job done. Next up is editing, but that’s a subject for another time.

Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks to Dennissena for the pic.

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