Sunday, October 13, 2013

Reaching My Goal

I set a goal of finishing the gable end of the barn by the end of this weekend, and lo and behold, I reached it. In fact, through a process of a little luck and good planning, I was even able to continue around to the backside and get about 20% of that done. I am in pretty good shape to finish the siding before it gets too cold, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. Then again, I shouldn't talk before the job is done.

The gable ends are definitely a challenge because not only are they tall, requiring work on a ladder, but they require angle cuts on the boards, which means more thought and deliberation. Now that both gable ends are done, it’s almost like a vacation doing the back side. Also, in an effort to get the gable end done, I stained several extra 16’ boards, which were more than enough. With extra boards stained and ready to install, all I had to do
was cut them to size and nail them in. Don’t you just love when that happens?

The first order of business was to install the skirt and drip shield, which took a little time. Now that that is in, I can just put the siding over it, and then we’re done. Sure, we still have the dormers to deal with, but let me relish a small victory while I can.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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