Friday, September 12, 2014

Getting Soaked at Dahlia Fest

Speaking (once again) about rain, after UF we went to the Dhali Fest down the road and it was nice. The weather discouraged some people from coming, and the crowds seemed to have thinned over the years, but it was still really nice. There were even some new faces that I knew but had never seen at the party.

The food was amazing. I dropped the kids off and went home to change, and by the time I got back, the food was all gone. Bummer, not that it really mattered, I scrounged around for crumbs and bits. Enough to get me through the night. After the meal, we all went up to the stage and watched the performances. A belted out a couple of nice tunes, even singing one she wrote, which blew me away. We stayed for most of the shows, but at some point the rain gets to you, and it was getting late, so I pulled the plug and took everyone home.

Another memorable Dhalia Fest, like all the rest. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Anirudh Koul for the pic.

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