Friday, September 26, 2014

Squash Avalanche

This has been yet another strange year for gardening, which just goes to show you that you life is filled with surprises, for better or worse. It was a cool-ish summer, with fewer days of scorching heat that you usually get in August, though one can hardly complain in New England about heat because it's about as cool as you're going to get in this country. We probably end up with about 3 weeks of heat, if even that, with temperatures hovering about 90 degrees. After that, the summer's are beautiful, just the way I like them, though short. We have about 3 months of mild weather, and then winter kicks in for the rest of the time. Some people can't stand it, but I like it.

Whatever be the case, August was overcast and cool, with rainy nights and milder days. As a result, our tomatoes were rather stunted, compounded by the fact that we got them into the ground late. We'll do things differently next year. We still have green tomatoes on the vine and I'm not sure what will become of them, but we did score a home run on squash. I started seeds on about a dozen plants, not sure that we would use all of them, but we had the seeds. You can't buy a few seeds, and they end up going to waste, so I planted a bunch. I put them in the ground not really thinking they would take off, but take off they did. We have several dozen squash, if not more. It's cool to see the plants because they are impressive, and fortunately squash has a pretty good shelf life. Furthermore, we love squash, though it's a little more work to prepare, but such is life.

For now, we'll enjoy our bounty, because one thing I've learned is that when you think you have a endless source of something, it runs out faster than you think.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Renee Rendler Kaplan for the pic.

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