Monday, September 1, 2014

Splitting Time and Wood

I've fallen into my usual state of complacency with the wood pile (like everything in my life), but I'm not completely at fault. At least I like to think that. First off, it's still August, so I have all of Sept and Oct to keep stacking. Secondly, all of this year's wood has been stacked since April, so we are good to go for most of this coming winter, which I've read has been forecast to be brutal by the Farmer's Almanac. This means that I will more than likely dip into next year's pile as I did last season, inspiring me to be more on the ball this year. Did that make any sense?

Last year we burned through our pile and then dipped into about 25% of this year's pile, which was only half-completed because I got lazy and complacent. When I realized the value of having two year's worth of wood sitting, I vowed to make it happen. I split and stacked like a madman all spring and finished this year's pile, and still had a fair amount of wood left to complete next year's pile. I started out gangbusters but then slowed down as the weather got hot and we were busy with the market and other assorted activities. I still think/hope that I can complete year two with what I've got, but you realize it's a lot of wood. I'm about 20% done.

I have been splitting sporadically, mainly when I'm cooking falafels for the market. They take about 7-8 minutes to cook, so during that time I grab my mawl and split some wood. I can manage a block or two before heading back to the stove and finishing the cook. How's that for efficiency? It's nice because it's pretty much the only time I actually split wood. The rest of my limited free time is used to work on that barn.

It ain't easy training to be a real man. One day I'll get be in the Amazing PR Man's club. Until then, I'll keep working at it.

Thanks for reading.

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