Friday, September 26, 2014

Reflections on Riding

I have to say that I'm surprised how much we're enjoying mountain bike riding, mainly because it's hard work and pretty challenging. For me, I can be philosophical and appreciate the exercise and the quality time with my son, but for N, I was concerned he'd be turned off by the amount of effort it takes. If anything, he works hard and challenges himself physically to get a lot out of the workout. I think that's so cool.

The benefits are unquestionable. Not only does he burn a lot of calories, but he's also facing a challenge and rising above it. Good life lessons in there. It would be easy enough to say you don't like something because it pushes you to work harder than you normally would. I know I tend toward this state of inertia, but duty to my family inspires me to overcome it. For kids, it's too easy to put them in front of the TV and eat junk food and let their lives unfold as they will. Life is so much simpler when you don't have to think or challenge yourself.

Either way, I'm glad for it. Both A and N display moments of inspiration where I'm struck by how hard they work at something and they don't give up, and believe me when I tell you that it warms their parents' hearts. There are times it takes everything I have not to jump in and help them out, but first off they get mad when I meddle in their affairs, but also it means so much more when they do it on their own... for everyone.

Until the next time, thanks for reading, and thanks to Jack Butcher for the pic.

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