Monday, November 17, 2008

Home Again

Man does it feel good to be back home. I realize there are all sorts of people out there, and there is without a doubt a romantic notion to wandering the world with all the freedom of a nomad, but I've always found that I'm the sort of person that really needs a place to call home, a place to look forward to returning to after a long and adventurous journey.

Indeed, that is the only way I can do it, by knowing that we have a home, and if anything, it rejuvenates us to appreciate all the things in our daily lives (at home) that we take for granted, like just about everything. I will say this, however, getting home was not easy.

There are distinct and frequent moments during our travels when I find myself asking the question, why exactly are we doing this? Travel can be so difficult and is always a bit of a challenge. It truly begs the question, why go through all the hassles and expense of getting on a plane and flying across the Atlantic? There are the issues of learning another language, dealing with money conversion, eating mysterious and foreign foods, and acclimating to an entirely different culture and way of life.

So why do it? The answer is not so simple, but it boils down to the simple of issue of how you view life, and if you think life is about experiencing new things, confronting and overcoming challenges, learning about new cultures and trying new foods, and ultimately growing from the experience, then that is what travel is all about.

Mind you, there are many different ways to travel. We just choose to make it more challenging and interesting, and part of the experience of travel for us are in fact what many may view as the negative aspects of travel-the challenges and the unpredictability. That's why we travel in the first place, and why we want that experience for our kids.

I will say this, travel has been an incredibly enriching experience for our family. Not just our children, but for Ruth and I, as well, and not only do we grow as individuals, but we grow together as a family, and that, in the end, is what it is all about.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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