Monday, November 24, 2008

Shame on Me with the Maple Syrup

Yesterday we did one of my favorite Sunday morning rituals and made sausage and waffles (or sometimes French Toast) for breakfast. I love those moments when we're sitting around the table together, chowing down on waffles with real maple syrup, the frost on the windows reminding us of how cold it is outside while our wood stove helps us forget.

Well, if you know anything about maple syrup, and for the record, I know very little, you can't help but notice that the stuff is expensive. Really expensive, and though we use a lot less than we used to, when you live in Vermont, using anything other than the real thing is anathema and simply not acceptable. So we bite the bullet and buy the real McCoy. We keep some in a separate jar because the half gallon jug is way too cumbersome.

That is not to say that the jar doesn't get heavy, as well. While we were eating, I kept getting anxious while I watched Audrey and Nicholas trying to work with the heavy jar with their tiny, delicate hands, convincing myself that they were going to spill the precious liquid.

Well, as you might have guessed, it turns out it was ME who spilled the darn bottle. I was reaching across the table (poor manners, BTW) and I tried to lift the jar and it slipped out of my hand, spilling about 90% of it's contents. I was so bummed, but I was more ashamed at targeting the kids for something that I was just as capable of doing. Shame on me.

What a bummer, losing all that syrup. I stared at it dripping off the table was half tempted to still eat it, but we sopped it up and rinsed it down the drain. Oh well, such is life. BTW, our syrup is made by Marty's brother, who I learned is the sugar person of the year, whatever that means.

I managed to get some of the writing stuff that was bugging me done, and man do I feel invincible. I finished the darn letter to Dee, toning it down significantly. As I may have mentioned, I felt it inappropriate and unnecessary to rail on him, even though he's a total prick. Let it lie and move on, as they say. Either way, it felt good to connect with Dee, and I hope we can maintain some contact.

I know, the doll looks a little scary, but in real life he's really cute. Besides, he's supposed to look afraid and worried.

Also, I got the book review done. That was bugging me because that's more on the serious end. I got a few books from PS, Lynn asked if I was interested in reviewing them, and it went pretty well. Audrey and Nicholas liked the books, they're called Emotes. They came with a stuffed doll, always a bonus, and Audrey liked the stories. I have to confess, I didn't like them at first glance, being the traditionalist that I am, but after reading the stories, I found they had nice messages and the art work is pretty hip and contemporary. Most importantly, the kids liked them, and that's all that matters. AND, Lynn liked the review.

I also did my first blog entry for Trazzler, so I'm on my way to being a travel writer. My next two big things are finishing my piece for Away, and writing my piece for the WAHM Jan issue. That's the tough one. Did I mention Erika of WAHM finally got back to me and said she loved my writing?

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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