Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spinning My Wheels

It seems like I have so many things I want to do that in typical fashion, I accomplish none of them. It's terribly frustrating, but I've been told that if you keep your goals in mind and keep repeating them to yourself, it goes a long way to actually achieving them.

Either that, or you end up just repeating your goals to yourself all day.

So here goes. I have three things I'd like to do in terms of my writing. I want to finish my letter to Dee about my brother. I want to finish my travel story for either Away or Go, and I want to finalize my query letter for my idea. The last one may be asking too much.

Okay, I've said it. Now I just have to keep repeating myself. We'll see how this goes.

One last note, did you ever have a preconceived notion of how you wanted a series of event to unfold and they didn't turn out the way you planned or wanted, and you kick yourself for thinking they would? I hate when that happens, it just happened to me.

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