Saturday, November 22, 2008

Missing the Mark and Brotherly Issues

Of course I didn't get the things I wanted done, as I listed on my previous post. I just seem to have too many things that I want to do and I end up getting none of them done. Bummer. I did finish my letter to my former sister in law, but I went off a little too hard on my brother and feel it's not something I want to send. I did not get my travel piece done, and my query letter is way off. Time to get on the ball.

I've been in contact with my former sister in law and it's been interesting, to say the least. I have a turbulent relationship with my brother. In a nutshell, I can't stand the guy, but there's a long story to it and I won't go into it now. He recently got divorced, and I've been in touch with his ex, and it was really enlightening to talk to her, even though it was limited. She alluded to my brother being an asshole and I really wanted to talk to her more about it. In fact, I wanted to spill my guts about what a complete prick he's been and continues to be, and wrote about it in a letter. Then I thought more about it and figured that maybe it wasn't appropriate, at least at this point in time.

The fact that she had these feelings about him, however, made the universe once again make sense to me. I know it's petty of me, but I just can't believe it when my brother actually does the right thing, and in the end, he never does.

As for my goals, I still have the weekend. AND, I have to review some books for PS. So much to do, so little time.

Life at home is good, however. We made bagels and bread, and they both turned out well. The bread is a pretty regular thing, we have a decent recipe and we know the drill. Consequently, it comes out pretty well, a nice crusty, chewy on the inside, multi-grain loaf. The bagels were little more challenging, but the kids liked them, and I'm satisfied with the result.

Until the next time, thanks for reading.

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